Going for your first audition?

Going for your first audition?

Do Your Research

If you’re trying out for a role in a TV show, make time to sit down and watch a few episodes. Know who the main characters are, where the show is set, how the dialogue flows, and what the director’s style is.

If your audition is for a TV commercial, watch other commercials for that brand. Then think about their competitors and watch their TV commercials, too. This will give you insight into what the brands expect.

Sometimes, you may be auditioning for a TV show that hasn’t been piloted yet or a theater production that’s brand new. If this happens to you, try to find some of the director’s previous work and study that.

Read the Material for Your Acting Audition

If you’re given a script, take the time to read it completely. Yes, you want to pay special attention to your role but don’t forget about the other people in the scene. You’ll be interacting with them on stage and you want to be able to do it smoothly.

Keep in mind that some directors may not offer a script. You may be asked to sign a non-disclosure agreement and expected to read just one or two lines of dialogue without getting full access to the text. If this happens, don’t worry. Just do your best during the audition.

Practice Live

If possible, try practicing your scene with a live audience. This can be especially helpful for new and inexperienced actors. Performing a line in your mirror is different than saying it out loud in front of a group of friends.

When you practice in the mirror, you only have your own expression to read. But when others are watching, you can study their reactions and see if you’re conveying the emotion you want to.

Be Confident

The most important thing to bring with you on audition day is your confidence. Carry yourself with confidence by keeping your posture straight and watching your body language. Make eye contact and don’t fidget during the audition. It distracts your viewers.

Keep perspective

Do yourself a favour and take the pressure off where you can. You’ll enjoy the audition more. Wouldn’t it be great to go into auditions and just enjoy the process without the dilemma of not getting the job? Be honest, when you have an audition, do you ever think the following things?